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STS EDUCATION and MJP Technologies Join Forces

Some things are better together

The evolution of STS EDUCATION takes a giant leap forward with the addition of a major technology services provider.

As we look to expand our footprint nationally, MJP Technologies will help us transform our business from one that has been device centric to one that can now offer comprehensive and sustainable edtech solutions that help enhance teacher effectiveness and ultimately improve student outcomes.

Dedicated to meeting all the technology needs for K-12 schools, this union gives an immediate boost to service capabilities and will provide schools with a resource to meet all their education technology needs.

“The acquisition of MJP Technologies is the culmination of a years long relationship with their founder Indy Batra,” said Marc Netka, CEO, STS EDUCATION. “Having a founder of Indy’s stature trust that STS will be a good steward of the company he and his family have nurtured for all these years is unbelievably flattering and we are humbled that he has put the future needs of his customers and staff in our hands.”

The talented and passionate team at MJP brings tools, knowledge, experience, and hands-on support to help customers deploy and manage technology. This addition doubles the company workforce, adds a second production facility, increases the fleet, adds valuable members to the leadership ranks, and is a key driver to accelerating growth nationwide. In addition, MJP brings an excellent managed services team and a C-7 contractor license that allows onsite teams to handle more installations.

“I am also excited for the benefits to our employees such as more career opportunities, better job security, and additional experience and expertise from a larger leadership foundation,” said Indy Batra, founder of MJP Technologies. “Customers from both companies will benefit from this union because we can now provide the complete array of technology offerings.”

While the most immediate impact will be the ability to directly serve Ventura, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara County school districts, charter schools, and private schools, both companies have a national presence that can now be grown faster with enhanced offerings and customer service.

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