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Classroom Technology

The history of classroom technology devices stretches back thousands of years. You can see the roots of today’s iPads and tablets in ancient Greece’s stylus and chalk tablets. It’s not just the learner’s technology that has evolved, either- we’ve gone from paintings on cave walls, to chalkboards, to projectors- and now to interactive flat panels. As the methods educators use to teach and learn become more streamlined, so does the technology used to deliver that instruction.

Classroom Technology Solutions

Interactive Flat Panels

Interactive Flat Panels represent the height of K-12 classroom presentation technology. These connected devices allow the instructor to access resources on the Internet- videos, music, documents, live cameras, and more- to bring students into lessons like never before.

New Computers

New PCs for gaming, video, and audio production and to drive maker space equipment like tabletop forges and 3D printers are available at the top end of the spectrum. STS has the high-performance machines you need when you don’t compromise on performance for your Esports team or Fabrication Lab.

Personal Devices

Personal devices for students and teachers: Whether your district chooses the Chrome ecosystem or uses Windows or iPad devices for instruction, every student needs a device to facilitate digital and, if necessary, remote learning. Future-proof your students’ learning technology with new, used, or reconditioned machines from STS EDUCATION.

Research by the University of Arizona found that an average computer has 400 times more bacteria than an average toilet seat.

National Center for Health Research

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