Dirty, germ-infested, and broken devices are returning to schools very soon. WHAT’S YOUR PLAN?

EdTech Decontamination

School IT staff don’t have enough time to clean and repair these devices.

Preparing your devices for a refresh this year is unlike anything districts have addressed. Whether devices have been in prolonged storage or used in homes for extended periods, they will need much more than basic inspection and cleaning. Mitigate the risk of spreading germs with STS EdTech Decontamination service.

STS EdTech Decontamination service includes medical-grade sterilization of your computer devices, mitigating the risk of spreading germs.

Your state health department or other organizations may assist with funding eligible mitigation measures.

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We can help with your edtech decontamination challenges.

Don’t Settle for UV Cleaning Decontamination Options

Ultraviolet light (UV-C) solutions for cleaning devices only disinfect the items by direct or indirect line of sight. This process requires the UV-C unit to move around to avoid missing areas constantly. UV-C can’t disinfect the inside of a laptop or Chromebook. Still, your IT staff will directly contact the internal components when doing repairs. 6-log medical-grade sterilization cleans the exterior AND interior of the device.

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