Campus Security

One of the foundational rules of education is that students and teachers have to feel safe to learn. STS is committed to all students and all educators’ ongoing learning. As such, we’re committed to curating the best campus security products for K-12 education.

Campus Security Solutions

Visitor Management Systems

Visitor Management Systems make signing in and out simple and easy. They record the attendance of staff, students, contractors, and visitors, and some can also track student movements. Many of these systems also have integrated reporting and can assist with evacuation roll call in just seconds. Additional options for these systems include automatic background checking using driver’s licenses to prohibit undesirable visitors to campus. Many of these systems can be easily integrated with your existing attendance systems and support many contactless technologies such as cards and keyfobs.

Kiosks and Entry Points

If you need kiosks for entry points, STS EDUCATION can also help provide that level of campus security- they come with various options like contactless card readers, keyfobs, and optional QR code readers. These kiosks can be installed with only one power and data point and bolt to the floor. Tabletop models are also available for smaller spaces.

Health and Safety Systems

Is your district still enforcing health and safety policies? If so, we may be able to help automate some of the processes with non-contact body temperature terminals, touch-free sign-in, and smart sanitization options.

Video and Sensor Surveillance for Campus Security

STS EDUCATION has partnered with vendors to provide comprehensive video, audio, and sensory monitoring solutions like cameras, microphones, and fire/smoke/vape detectors. Get a 360-degree view of your campus and ensure everyone’s safe and accounted for.

Reduces risk of human-to-human transmission

Require visitors/contractors to sanitize in order to complete the sign-in process

Helps to maintain a safe and healthy school/workplace

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