No touch, no hassle chromebook repair

Break/Fix Services

Keep working Chromebooks™ in the hands of your teachers and students and reduce the amount of time, effort, and money your technology staff spends dealing with broken devices with the STS Chromebook Break/Fix Program.

The struggle is real

Is your school or district struggling with...

Broken Devices

…having enough functioning devices available at a given time to exchange non-working devices for working ones?

Time to Repair

…having enough time and/or technical staff to quickly repair and redeploy broken computers?

Unpredictable Costs

...the budgetary impact of fluctuating state/federal funding levels and the unpredictable costs associated with device repair?

Learning Downtime

...the impact of device downtime on student learning and the time uncertainties associated with sourcing replacement parts needed to repair devices?


...having enough time, staff, and/or resources during the summer months to ready non-functioning computers for redeployment in the fall?

The Challenges

You're not alone...

The almost overnight shift to 1:1 commuting environments in K-12 schools and districts in early 2020 was critical to ensuring continuity of instruction during emergency remote learning. However, many school leaders are now grappling with the challenge of keeping all of those devices up and running.

Broken devices can and do have an immediate negative impact on teaching and learning in modern classroom environments, but they don’t have to…


We take great pride in being an education-focused company.

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If you have additional questions about the STS Chromebook Break/Fix Program, we’d love to hear from you.

They can be with the STS Chromebook Break/Fix program

Easy, Fast, and Hassle-Free Repairs?

Our convenient service makes getting and keeping your Chromebooks in working order, easy and hassle-free with:

  • Predictable cost of our flat-fee pricing to help you better manage your budget
  • Flexible plans that can adjust to your changing needs
  • Dedicated facility of experts and specialists skilled in K-12 technology support
  • Extensive replacement parts library and supply sources
  • Authorized service provider for all major manufacturers

We quickly diagnose what’s wrong, repair, and track the inventory for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the flat-fee cost per device, and what does it cover?

The flat-fee cost per device varies depending on the model. The flat-fee pricing covers one device, but is not tied to any particular serial or asset tag. Fee includes shipping each way, parts, and labor.

Are all repairs covered?

Generally, devices with bad motherboards will be retired, and the usable parts from those devices will be used to repair other units. STS will provide any retired devices’ serial/asset tag numbers to the District Technology staff.

What if there is more than one thing requiring repair on any device that is submitted?

Each device, regardless of how many parts might be broken, excluding motherboards, will be repaired to “like new” status.

Is there a minimum number of devices?

Yes. To take advantage of the fixed, flat-fee pricing of the STS Chromebook Break/Fix Program, schools and districts must prepay for a minimum of 50 devices. We also offer special packages for small schools and districts and repair services on a device-by-device cost basis.

How long does the service last?

The service contract expires at the end of the school year, in most cases, regardless of whether or not you have used all of your package― unless stated otherwise in writing.

Can I check the status of my broken devices during the repair process?

Yes! We scan and tag each device and provide accurate inventory reporting that integrates with your asset management software. We can also help you use the data over time to discover ways to reduce breakage, scale successful best practices, and reduce costs.

How does STS mitigate the impact of supply chain disruptions on replacement part availability?

Having access to a wide array of parts is vital for dealing with technology troubles. Accordingly, we maintain a select variety of reconditioned parts in our local warehouse and offer new parts through our extensive global network of OEM contacts. However, supply disruptions still may occur. In those cases, you will get a status update indicating that STS is waiting on parts with an expected repair date.

I'm thinking of recycling my used devices rather than repairing them. Can STS help me with that?

STS has services that can support you at any stage of your device’s lifecycle. However, rather than recycle your used devices, perhaps you should consider our Asset Value Recovery Program. The program is environmentally friendly and economically responsible. Your school’s used computers have value. Use it, don’t lose it!

What brands of devices are your technicians authorized to repair?

STS EDUCATION is an authorized service provider for all major manufacturers, including Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

Are repairs backed by a short-term warranty? If so, how long does the warranty last?

All repairs are covered for workmanship but not accidental damage by staff or students. In those cases, the device can be submitted for repair, assuming you have not used up your bundle.

Does your Break/Fix team have experience working with K-12 schools and districts?

Yes! Our team of technical experts specializes in K – 12 education, with each having an average of seven years of experience integrating educational technology into the learning environment.

What counties in Southern California are part of the service delivery area?

Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, and Ventura counties.

What if I am interested in the service, but my school or district is outside the service delivery area?

STS may have alternative resources in your area. Please call your representative with any inquiries.

our benefits

What could your techs be doing INSTEAD of repairing Chromebooks?

The STS Chromebook Break/Fix Program can help you navigate the uncertainty of technical resources, device demand, and available budget – freeing your staff up to focus on other important edtech initiatives and enabling you to vision, plan, and prepare for what’s next with confidence.

Imagine the impact your IT staff could have on teaching and learning if the time they spent troubleshooting and repairing broken devices was spent exploring ways to leverage educational technology to improve your students’ learning experiences and educational outcomes…

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