Campus Networks

You’re doing a great job on your networks,  keeping up with all those new devices- installs are rolling out, devices are getting into students’ hands, educators are getting trained, and your network is healthy and robust.

Despite all that effort and work and hustle, that aging technology equipment will eventually fail. Those additional devices are certainly helping to advance learning outcomes, but they’re also straining networks that have aged out of their utility period. They just weren’t designed to support this many devices, and in addition, many devices that were not formerly on the network are now.

Plus, you may just not like the equipment you have, or you may not be familiar with it, or it may be time to integrate a better solution. Perhaps the services you subscribe to to help maintain your network and devices have become too expensive or redundant.


Let us step you through how our network assessment program can help you fix what’s broken, streamline what isn’t, and find talent to fill gaps you may not even know exist. Contact us today for a deep dive and get started making sure you’re spending your budget and using your personnel effectively.

Increase Network Performance- examine your system’s data to learn who is using the most bandwidth and find physical and logical loops that complicate things for Users and network admins.

Identify Configuration Problems- this audit scans all of your device configurations and automatically provides actionable reports on how to fix problems.

You may be able to use E-Rate funds to conduct these network assessments- contact an STS EDUCATION technologist today to start the conversation.

Discover what’s out there- are there employees connecting unauthorized devices to your network? Discover what’s out there while ensuring that devices are also running the most current firmware.

Ensure Enough Space- make sure you have enough IP addresses as students and staff turn over- never run out of room on a wifi network at school again.

Get a heads up about Storms- learn when your network is most active and take proractive steps to reduce lag for users.

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Call us to discuss your campus network challenges.

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