our story

Technologists Helping K-12 Districts Future- Proof Classrooms

STS EDUCATION started as a way to fill the technological gaps with affordable computing technology for schools. We still do that for schools today- but we’ve also grown to encompass curating and procuring all aspects of K-12 classroom technology, equipment, and training.

STS EDUCATION is composed of both working and former educators and professionals dedicated to the idea that improving technology can improve learning outcomes and transform lives. We believe that students learn more when it’s easier for them to learn. We’re dedicated to supporting evolving pedagogies and modernizing and future-proofing K-12 learning spaces.

At STS, K-12 Education is all we do.


STS EDUCATION is passionate about serving educators. Whatever your problem or unique situation, our education technology experts have likely seen it before.

We understand K-12 Education because that's all we do.


All of our partners are curated for their desire to help lift K-12 Student outcomes. When STS recommends a brand it's because we know they put students first.


Everything we do is borne of the belief that we can make a difference in students lives for the better. Making it easier to teach and to learn is at the heart of everything we do.

our leaders

Executive Committee

leading by example

Empowering Every Employee

At STS EDUCATION, we firmly believe that improving employees’ financial literacy is crucial to their improvement as professionals. To that end, everyone in the company is empowered to suggest and enact change and receives financial literacy training.

STS EDUCATION also practices open book management so employees can act as owners whenever they are called upon to make a decision. Everyone from the production line to the C-Suite is equally invested in company outcomes.

our values

The Values That Guide Us

We Care

We Learn

We Understand

We Empower

We Serve

We Do

Emphasizing empathy and compassion allows us to focus on the human aspects of relationships.

Imparting a growth mindset through continuous learning drives us to get better every day.

Believing in education inspires us to comprehend distinctive goals and outcomes for shaping solutions that enhance learning

Our team applies its wide-ranging experience to determining the strategies that will best enable our clients to achieve.

Providing the right resources and support enables people to identify and choose their best path for success.

Concentrating on being a servant first means we actively listen, accept different perspectives, and place others ahead of ourselves.

Achieving goals and getting stuff done (GSD) is accomplished by doing what we say we will do, when we say we will do it.

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