Relax, Review and Recharge in a Modern Media Center

Media Centers

A Media Center is a comfortable, open space where students can consume printed or electronic media and discuss it with instructors and peers. Such a space usually includes bright lighting, unobstructed sightlines, and a comfortable environment. This setup allows students to personalize how they consume the information, leading to better learning outcomes. This new type of space can also be used in the traditional function- for community interaction and outreach. The library/media center is frequently one of the largest open spaces in the school- it is often used for PTA meetings, athletic awards ceremonies, and other activities beyond the school day. Flexibility is key to getting the maximum value out of these spaces.

Serve Student and Community Needs with a Versatile, Modern Media Center

Traditionally, every school has a library of some sort- an ample open space where information is disseminated and absorbed- that space isn’t going anywhere soon. Still, it is evolving to incorporate technology and different presentations of information. Current pedagogy around learning space design dictates that students learn in the same atmospheres and on the same equipment they’ll work with in their professional lives. To that end, STS EDUCATION can help you provide your students with a modern, collegiate feeling “third space” to help prepare them for the learning they’ll be doing now and in the future.

What’s in a Modern K-12 Media Center?

Everyone in the school uses the media center- it should be a showpiece and a functional point of pride for your school. We suggest including the following:


For situations that require a moment of focus where students can grab a minute alone or work 1-1 with an instructor

Active/Flexible Seating

Furniture should be reconfigurable so students can collaborate, break apart into small groups or individual work, then reassemble to discuss. The furniture- desks, tables, chairs- should be easy to move and reconfigure on the spot.


At the heart of this new media center space is technology. A Media Center needs connectivity for all types of devices and data points, and that all needs to be connected to the networking and support to ensure it does not just look “cool” but inspires better teaching and learning techniques.

What's in a Modern K-12 Media Center?

Even if it’s just for aesthetic reasons, there will always likely be a spot for printed, bound, shelved literature somewhere in the school. However, that volume is being eclipsed by the amount of digital content students will consume. As schools upgrade to modern integrated learning spaces, existing large community spaces mustn’t be left behind. You can give your students, staff, and the community at large a place to plug in, download, and work while they relax in a comfortable environment that encourages self-directed outcomes. This is all possible when the space is wired for the digital needs of the modern library, so incorporate technical considerations such as network access and outlets to recharge devices.

Spaces like these also act as a point of pride for the school. Welcome students back to campus from a confusing and stressful time with a community space that inspires them to be their best. Done well, the modern library can be the heart of the school that Improves outcomes and creates a feeling of ownership. Having a point of pride in schools helps students learn because they want to be there. It allows them to influence their own learning outcomes by providing flexibility and adaptability- work with the award-winning professionals at STS EDUCATION to design a space that everyone in the community can take pride in and use for years to come.

This media center is a place to transition between the boundaries between home and school. You can think of this as a “third space”nested within the school- a place to work on a project for an hour before school or during study hall, a space to put on earphones and use your prep period to write a lesson plan, and a place to catch a quick moment of relaxation while you check email and catch up on your personal device. Then, during off-hours, it’s converted to whatever it needs to be – space for an art exhibit, a school dance, or a JV awards ceremony. With modern furniture and technology from STS, the possibilities are literally limitless.

Flexible and movable furniture allows quick reconfiguration- a 7th-period study hall can be converted into a 6 PM awards ceremony with a minimum of effort and fuss. Extend the ROI on your media center budget when you repurpose it for community outreach or nearly any other function.

Using traditional spaces in modern ways is one of our specialties. Let the experts at STS EDUCATION help you plan, purchase and install all the amenities of a modern media center, and give the school and community something to be proud of.

STS EDUCATION is the Integrated Learning Spaces Specialist

Our holistic approach to learning space design at STS extends far beyond Media Centers. To speak to one of our Integrated Learning Space Specialists today about other considered classroom modernization initiatives focused on helping propel your students towards even better academic outcomes, including Esports programs, STEM labs, CTE/Maker spaces, outdoor classrooms, and media centers, contact us at 866-499-2580 or [email protected].


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