Blend the elements of Esports, Virtual Reality, CAD, and Fine Arts into a single learning environment for every period of the school day!

Innovation Hub

STS EDUCATION brings together a dynamic STEAM learning environment that embraces a variety of educational needs, turning a lab into a genuine Innovation Hub. Leveraging the HP Z1 commercial workstation provides the best of both worlds. It is equipped with the same graphics processor found on gaming PCs, yet ISV certified by AutoDesk software and optimized for Adobe and other high-powered educational applications.

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Why overspend on brand new devices? STS EDUCATION provides you with options.

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The 9-in-1 Powerhouse



Provide your students access to industry-leading graphics to handle even the most complex games with NVIDIA graphics processors and high refresh rate monitors.


Virtual Reality

Empower students to experience high-end virtual reality learning in 4K resolution using the latest XR technology.



Offer programs such as Project Lead the Way with courses in AutoCAD, as your lab’s PCs are ISV certified by AutoDesk.


Life Sciences

Bring meaningful learning experiences, such as frog dissection, to life using instructional content included from Victory XR.


Coding/Game Design

Allow students’ imaginations to evolve basic coding skills to explore game design, leveraging the graphics capabilities found in your high-performance computing lab.


Fine Arts

Put the “A” in STEAM education, allowing students to expand their creativity across Adobe Creative Cloud solutions optimized for peak use on higher-end computing devices.


Video/Audio Production

Bring creative expression to life, as students can edit and render larger video and audio files not practical on everyday computing devices.



Students can expand STEAM interests in animation to spark career exploration in game design and video production.


Social Studies

Experience firsthand life around the globe and interact with different cultures using virtual reality learning resources readily available to schools.

The Z1 Innovation Hub Workstation

The Z1 Innovation Hub workstation will provide your students with a robust, reliable, and versatile device capable of effective use across all curricula. Unlike consumer gaming PCs, this device comes with built-in security features found only on HP premium commercial products, including:


Detect firmware attacks and restore your BIOS automatically with the industry’s first self-healing BIOS


Quickly and securely restore your device to the latest image using a network connection.


Keep your critical applications and processes up and running—even if malware tries to shut them down.

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