Cash in on your current computers

Buyback Program

It’s up to you. When replacing your computers you have to decide what to do with the old devices. The way we see it, you have three choices.

Stick in Storage

Run to Recycling

Sell to STS

Pro: Quick, No Upfront Cost, Stockpile for Parts

Con: Lose Value Over Time, Eats Up Space, Can be Stolen

Pro: Responsible Disposition, Free Up Space

Con: Costs Money, Takes Time

Pro: Quick, No Upfront Cost, Responsible Disposition, Free Up Space, Receive Cash or Credit

Con: None

Our Buyback Process

Selling your computers to STS is as simple as 1,2,3.


Valuation Request

Submit a valuation request with the device brand, model, specs, number of units, and condition and receive a preliminary quote.


Send your Devices

Send the devices to our facility for an audit.


Get Paid

Receive a check or credit for a future purchase.

Computer Buyback Program Form

What happens to your old devices?

Used computers are audited and includes a visual inspection followed by a diagnostic test to establish a baseline value for the device. 

Hard drives are immediately scrubbed to protect district data and student privacy.

Working units are then refurbished and sold as STS Certified Second-Life Hardware or broken down for parts. 

Remaining components are recycled or donated to local schools for mixed media art projects.

*Final buyback price may be lower or higher depending on the actual condition. If there are units received that are non-functioning or heavily damaged, STS will recycle them for you.


Buyback Examples

Current buyback values for devices that schools have recently sold to us or traded in for newer computers.


Lenovo N21 or Dell 11 Model 3120 – $30*


Dell Latitude E6430 – $45*


Dell Optiplex 790/990 or HP Elite 8200 – $25*


Apple iPad 4 – $30*

*The stated values are established by our audit and testing process and are representative of Grade “A” equipment. Values will vary based on device configuration, your location, and condition of equipment.

Need us to Buyback your Devices?
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