Device Reconditioning

Are you looking to save budget and squeeze as much life as possible out of your district’s existing devices? STS EDUCATION has several options to keep the learning process humming, even on older hardware.


We take great pride in being an education-focused company.

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Device Reconditioning

STS EDUCATION can take delivery of your devices and refresh them with our nine-step process. This service includes external and internal inspections, cleaning, benchmarking, formatting, testing, and quality assurance check; we return your devices with our guarantee. Also, during this process, we can upgrade your devices by adding an SSD, increasing memory, and updating the OS to the latest version of Windows. If your devices are visibly showing signs of wear and tear, we can even re-skin the exterior of your equipment.

Chrome Conversion

In addition to the physical refurbishment of these devices, we can help move your entire classroom/learning ecosystem to Chrome. Switching to Chrome means that hardware rarely needs to be updated, as existing devices are used primarily as portals to access web applications. No rush to keep up with the 4-6 year procurement cycle for new devices- switch to Chrome, and everything lives in the cloud.

Device Decontamination

Maybe your devices perform just fine, but they’ve spent too long on the kitchen table among the peanut butter. Restore them to like-new condition with STS EdTech decontamination services.

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