Asset Management

The technology that learners and educators use in the classroom evolves at light speed- students may change or upgrade devices annually or even more than once per school year. Keep up with your asset management responsibilities when you utilize a tracking system for your IT assets. Streamline repair workflow and keep track of what device is where. A missing device is the same as one that never gets fixed- a loss to your inventory and a red line item in your budget.

Let STS EDUCATION help you manage your technology assets in real-time with help desk integration.

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Benefits of Asset Management Programs include:

Complete Control of Inventory Records

Access the entire history of an asset- including where it’s been and its current status- from the moment it’s purchased until the end of its useful life.

Scale as Needed with Unlimited Users & Assets

There are no limits to the number of users accessing the system or assets you can track. Scalability allows you to manage and scale your inventory to best fit your needs.

Assign Devices to Staff & Students for 1:1 Initiatives

Increase accountability and asset retention by easily tracking assigned devices, fees assessed and collected, and recorded damages. Create a check-in/check-out process that works for your assets. Track accountability, retention, digital signatures, accessories, fees, and damages to the equipment.

Perform Inventory Audits in Real Time

Keep your data accurate by verifying the building and assignment of equipment. Track by department or room from a mobile app or tablet – no syncing is necessary. Assign to schools and watch the results update from your desk.

Take Your Audits to the Next Level with RFID

Complete your physical inventory verification 20% faster by scanning multiple items simultaneously. Reduce human error and manual data entry. Verify an entire laptop cart in seconds.

Streamline Tasks with Data Flow Between Systems

Simplify your workflow with automated data imports and exports between business systems, such as your SIS, purchasing, and fixed asset systems.


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