our leaders

Executive Committee


Marc Netka

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Marc Netka is a strategic and driven business leader with a passion for education. As the CEO and entrepreneurial co-founder of STS Education, he partners with schools to enhance student outcomes and achieve education goals through technology. His journey in edtech started in 2001 as a home-based business providing refurbished computers to schools.


Rob Fiance

Chief Strategy Officer

An experienced C-level edtech executive, entrepreneur and investor, Rob Fiance is a visionary leader with a strong track record of successfully launching, building and growing companies and creating high-performing teams. Rob has helped STS increase revenue 100% while significantly expanding profitability and efficiency. Rob’s many accomplishments include his senior leadership roles in helping six different companies to achieve 100% to 1,000% revenue and EBITDA growth, while completing ten merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions.


Aaron Toczynski

Senior Vice President

A knowledgeable edtech product expert with a knack for building strong professional relationships, Aaron brings exceptional talent and dedication to his role as STS Education’s senior vice president. He is responsible for assisting with corporate strategic planning and driving the organization towards its yearly financial and strategic goals.


Christine Anderson

Chief Financial Officer

Christine Anderson leads the finance and administrative teams as STS’s Chief Financial Officer. She brings over 25 years of finance and business management experience to her role.


Alex Inman

Chief Academic Officer

Over 20 years experience in school technology leadership. Appointed Director of Information Services for Sidwell Friends School during a time of prioritized discretion and security while the Obama family attended school. Launched one of the first student one-to-one computer programs in the United States in 1999. Founding member of IBM Academic Advisory Committee.

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