Printers and Copiers

Printers and Copiers are the lifeblood of many academic institutions and the nucleus of school and department offices around the country. Whether using them to create tests, educational resources, or everyday announcements, educators rely on printers and copiers to constantly distribute information to students and all stakeholders.

Refreshing your older fleet of printers and copiers saves on reduced per-page costs as more efficient print technology is used. Newer devices offer education-specific functionality and security features to protect your institution’s network and sensitive information.

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Why overspend on brand new devices? STS EDUCATION provides you with options.

Integrated Solutions

When you need more than just a printer, we offer the following integrated solutions:


Avoid costly bubble sheets from some vendors, print your own test materials on demand, and scan completed sheets into the same unit to grade them.

Simplified Print on Chrome

A common complaint from Chromebook schools is the complex setup process for these devices and the lag time before a job prints. Using a Chrome extension, your local Chromebooks can print over WiFi, starting a job in as little as 1 second.

Secure Printing

Sometimes sensitive information needs to be printed. You can prevent that information from getting into the wrong hands, causing a public relations nightmare and costly credit monitoring. A user can send such a file to the printer, but the device won’t print the item until the authorized user enters their PIN at the printer, indicating they are standing by the unit and can ensure its custody.

Do you want to take control of print spend across your institution with a more holistic view using managed print services?

Managing your institution’s fleet of printers and copiers more efficiently can save up to 30% on printing costs. Outsourcing the management of your devices and picking the suitable machine for the right job can produce substantial savings.


We take great pride in being an education-focused company.

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