Rob Fiance

Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operating Officer
10 Years

Growing the Business

An experienced C-level edtech executive, entrepreneur and investor, Rob Fiance is a visionary leader with a strong track record of successfully launching, building and growing companies and creating high-performing teams. As COO of STS Education, Rob has helped increase revenue 100% while significantly expanding profitability and efficiency. Rob’s many accomplishments include his senior leadership roles in helping six different companies to achieve 100% to 1,000% revenue and EBITDA growth, while completing ten merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions. 

Professional Skills

digital strategy
55 %
financial services
75 %
68 %

A Track Record of Achievement

Throughout his career, Rob has played an integral role in more than $500 million in fundraising, M&A and exit transactions. He also co-developed the Strategic Opportunity Map™ system, an innovation that has generated millions of dollars in revenue growth and improved profitability for countless companies. Rob is currently an advisor to the Kairos Society, serves as a mentor for young entrepreneurs and sits on the board of Me Salva!, an edtech company based in Brazil. 


He holds an MBA from University of California, Los Angeles.

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