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STS EDUCATION Loves Giving Back in Ventura County

It was our pleasure to support Ventura County’s 6th annual Skoolcade competition this past weekend at Rio Vista Middle School.

In the Skoolcade challenge, students from Ventura County schools create a game on any platform and submit it for consideration. At the main event, the top 3 student games from each site were available to play by all. The arcade style event also included local speakers, game walkabouts, industry professionals, food, prizes and a STEAM Playground that showcased amazing school STEAM programs and commercial educational products available in Ventura County. All students who submitted a game received a certificate of participation and an invitation to the finals. Prizes were then awarded to the top three games in each category/grade level, and the top 3 games in the High School division may be entered into IndieCade in October!

STS EDUCATION is also extremely proud to perenially support the Ventura County Impact II Grant competition, which puts innovative and creative teaching methods on display for the entire country while raising awareness of exemplary classroom practices. We always welcome opportunities to support the educators and learners of our home county- Ventura County!

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