Serving K-12 Districts since 2001

Technology for K-12 Education is all we do.

When you engage with STS you have in your corner a partner who knows educators’ unique challenges in acquiring and integrating new learning technology. STS has guided Tech Innovators and Directors, Superintendents and Principals just like you through the technology jungle- for over a decade.

‘At STS EDUCATION, we put student outcomes and teacher effectiveness at the center of why we do what we do.’
-Marc Netka, CEO


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Every school has its own set of goals and challenges

Here are a few reasons why you should work with us!

Our experience working with administrators, principals, technology and curriculum directors, directors of innovation, teachers and community leaders has led us to identify the right technological education solution for any K-12 district- whether it serves 500 students or 50,000. We’ve (almost) seen it all!

Your needs are the start of our process. By evaluating your concerns, listening to your feedback, understanding your goals, and analyzing your results, we are able to craft a solution just for you.

To ensure you get exactly what you need every step of the way, there are no cookie-cutter 'packages 'here- every solution set we devise is just for you. STS EDUCATION takes the time to see the big picture while not losing track of the details.

Both parties benefit from a long term partnership. At STS the student outcomes our services provide are as important as the business- we're aware that that can take time to show fruit. We're in it for the long haul.

Our Trusted Partners

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