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EdTech Audits

EdTech Audits by STS EDUCATION

An EdTech Audit from STS EDUCATION helps you take control and sift from reacting to problems to proactively strategizing. Our team of EdTech Audit experts are all current or former K-12 technology leaders who understand school culture and its impact on technology programs. This education technology audit process will help you get a better ROI on technology investments, improve organizational consensus around how you use technology and help focus your efforts on delivering value to your organization.

STS EDUCATION provides a comprehensive investigation of your Academic Technology, IT Infrastructure, Staffing, Database Systems, and Workflow. We can also do a deeper dive into any of these areas if you’ve already identified some issues.

Typically, an audit saves a school or district substantially more than they spend on the audit, creating a more significant technology impact on operations and classrooms.

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How does it work?

STS spends time getting to understand your challenges and desired outcomes for the audit process.

You complete a self-study that STS customizes to your needs to the best of your ability, organizing your thoughts around resources, your own efforts, and ROI. Don't worry if you can't complete the whole thing; we can assist.

STS visits you onsite or virtually to review and validate the self-study and meet with stakeholders such as faculty, staff, board, and parents to gain qualitative feedback.

STS will build a custom quantitative survey for your community and deploy it to collect data that helps drive our reporting recommendations.

STS provides an extensive report, including an executive summary complete with strengths, weaknesses, and prioritized recommendations for improvement.

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After several years of frequent turnover in IT staff, Griffin Spalding County School District turned to an EdTech Audit from STS EDUCATION for solutions. Click on the image below to read about its success!
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